Made In Britain

Make it British

So if you believe in authentic British products and want to support British manufacturing, why not put your products in a British made bag? For further information about British made brands and UK manufacturing, take a look at the Make it British website

We Provide Custom Printed Paper and Polythene Carrier Bags

We manufacture several popular types of custom printed carrier bags.

Plastic Drawstring Bags

Polythene Bags

Printed Plastic Carrier Bags, customized to suit your individual needs.

Polythene Bags

We offer a wide range of printed plastic carrier bags, customized to suit your individual needs.  Our printed plastic carrier bags come in a range of sizes from 150mm wide to 730mm wide and are made from LDPE (Low-density polyethylene) film which can be clear, white or coloured. A range of handle types are also available.

promotional printed paper bags supplier

Paper Bags

Choose between flat tape, twisted handle or paper grab bags.

Paper Bags

We manufacture three popular types of custom printed paper bags. Our larger sizes come with or without twisted paper handles and our smaller bags come with or without external flat tape handles.