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Morrisons to focus on paper carrier bags in all stores

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The supermarket Morrisons is swapping it's plastic bags to paper bags.

The supermarket Morrisons to focus on paper carrier bags in all stores.

The supermarket Morrisons is swapping it's plastic bags to paper bags.

Morrisons to introduce paper carrier bags in all stores

Morrisons is is to offer paper carrier bags to all customers as part of its continuing drive to remove unnecessary plastic from its stores.

Welsh stores will be the first to offer paper carrier bags next week. They will then roll-out to Morrisons’ English and Scottish stores next year in May.

The paper bags have been trialled in eight Morrisons stores since January and have proved popular with customers.

They are made in Wales from paper from sustainably managed forests and are strong enough to carry heavy weights up to 16kg. They will be priced at 20p, which will be the same price as Morrisons standard plastic carrier bag.

The paper grocery bags, which can be reused and ultimately recycled, are labelled ‘Reusable Paper Bag’.

Morrisons has also assessed the bag’s carbon footprint and it is equivalent to the standard plastic carrier bag:

Removing  single use 5p carrier bags which led to 25% reduction in overall bag sales.

Enabling customers to bring their own containers to Morrisons’ Butchers and Fishmongers counters;

Moving all loose fruit & veg to be sold in paper rather than plastic bags; and,

Removing plastic packaging from many items such as plastic sleeves from cucumbers during the British growing season.

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