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UK Shopping Bags for Christmas

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UK Shopping Bags for Christmas - Paper or Plastic

UK Shopping Bags for Christmas – Paper or Plastic

UK Shopping Bags for Christmas - Paper or Plastic

Being a UK bag maker here in Nottingham we are still able to make your bespoke paper bag or plastic bag in time for Christmas.

But please be quick – as the philosopher G.K Chesterton said “The most wonderful thing about miracles is that they sometimes happen” but even miracles take time and the number of sleeps before Christmas is now down to only 17.

Many of the UK’s paper carrier bags are imported, at significant cost and time along with their own hefty carbon footprint.

Burgass is proud to be one of the few paper bag manufacturers remaining in the UK and boasts both the machinery and skilled workforce able to create bags for this ever increasing market.

Custom Printed Paper Bags

We manufacture three popular types of custom printed paper bags. Our larger sizes come with or without twisted paper handles and our smaller bags come with or without external flat tape handles.

Bespoke Printed Polythene Plastic Carrier Bags

We offer a wide range of printed plastic carrier bags, customized to suit your individual needs. Our printed plastic carrier bags come in a range of sizes from 150mm wide to 730mm wide and are made from LDPE (Low-density polyethylene) film which can be clear, white or coloured. A range of handle types are also available.

So if you want a UK made paper or plastic bag maker Burgass Bags are the way ahead for you.

Reliable, competitive and flexible! For your high quality print on your custom paper bag design and manufacture here in the UK please either ring us on 0115 943 1775 or email us at Burgass Carrier Bags NOW!

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