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World Space Week

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world space week

This week is World Space Week

Surprisingly, even the humble plastic carrier bag has done its bit to help with the development of space programmes and aid astronauts on their adventures into the unknown.

Although it is a bit more sophisticated, and probably a lot more expensive than the carrier bags we make here at Burgass, the Space Stations sick bags are a hybrid of a plastic and paper bag.

In fact, they are probably the most sophisticated carrier bags on the planet (and maybe even the universe!).

The bags have a paper liner attached to a plastic bag. You pop the liner around your face and then use the liner to wipe your face before tucking that (along with the contents of your stomach) into the plastic part. And it even has a nice zip lock seal at the top to ensure it doesn’t escape during the rest of your space mission!

More info about world space week can be found here.

Here is a video of Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield demonstrating how to use the bags.

This post was written by Louise @ Burgass

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