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The Impact of Brexit on our Carrier Bags

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Impact of Brexit on Carrier Bag Manufacturing

As with most businesses in the UK, we are now wondering what effect the vote to leave the EU will have on the amount of orders for printed carrier bags we receive. And the answer, for the moment at least, is that no one really knows.

There are theories that it could affect us in a positive way, but equally there are many who are saying that it could have an adverse impact on UK manufacturing. Our friends at Make It British agree that it could affect us either way, see their article here. 

If the drop in the value of the pound continues, we should see an increase in the number of companies (both abroad and here in the UK) that look to us to supply them with their carrier bags. However the drop in the exchange rate does mean some of our raw materials will be more expensive for a time. We ask all customers who have recently received a quote to double check that the price still stands and that we have the film available, just in case.

The decision to Brexit does bring instability and uncertainty, not just to the manufacturers but the shops which buy our printed carrier bags. We don’t know how leaving the EU will effect our economy- and this could lead to shoppers preferring to keep a hold on their purse strings until things settle down a bit.

The referendum has uncovered the true British spirit, and has shown how proud each side of the debate is of the UK. We hope that more people will now choose to buy British rather than look abroad for their printed carrier bags, and that people will see the real way to make Britain great again is to support British companies and to help our economy grow by buying British.

At the end of the day, people are still going to need to go to shops to buy things and shops are still going to need bags.

As for now we are being hopeful, the horizons are now open and the opportunities could be unlimited. All we know is that it could be a good few months before we see the real impact of Brexit on bag manufacturing and all we can do for now is sit back and see what happens.

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