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Coloured Carrier Bags

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coloured carrier bags

Love colour? So do we.

That’s why we offer you the option to create coloured carrier bags or print in any pantone colour you would like. We want our customers to embrace the wonderful world of colour, so we don’t have any silly restrictions on what colours or shades you can and can’t print in and we don’t charge any extra for 99% of our coloured inks.

Now, there are some exceptions to the rule. If you are after a metallic other than gold or silver, this probably isn’t something we have in stock. Similarly if you are after a fluorescent ink (my favourite) then these need to fresh out the tin as the colour of fluorescent ink degrades over time. But don’t despair; we can still get hold of these inks. They will come with a slightly higher minimum order and sometimes an additional cost because, as with all rare items, they come at a premium.

coloured carrier bags

So why not take a look at the thousands of shades you could pick from at, and maybe you will be inspired to avoid boring black on your next set of carrier bags and add a bit of zing instead!


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