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Printed Laundry Bags

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Printed Laundry Bags

Our large plastic bags make the perfect printed laundry bags. We currently make bags for several laundrettes around the country and each one has a different specification for their bags, but the one thing they have in common is that they want them big!

Having printed laundry bags is a fantastic way of advertising your business whilst providing a really helpful product to your customers. Starting from as little as 9p per bag, our huge plastic bags are guaranteed to be used again and again by your customers and they are so much more useful than a leaflet through the door!

The most popular sizes for laundrettes and dry cleaners are our 24x22x3” bag and also our 29x22x3”. With a bag of this size, you can keep the design simple as the size of the bag does all the talking for you! These huge printed laundry bags mean that you can fit A LOT into them.

These bags are available in our standard 180 gauge film and also our thicker 300 gauge film (best to use the thicker one if it’s something really heavy!). Coloured films are also available, but this is subject to what we have in stock at the time of ordering.

Thinking of getting some bags made for your laundrette? Take a look at some of the examples below of bags we have recently printed- maybe they will give you some ideas!



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