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Pets and Printed bags!

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If you’re a pet lover, you’ll know that there is nothing better than a cuddle with man’s best friend or a kitty purring on your lap. You will also know about the mess they make, the worry (and bills) that a trip to the vet creates as well as the food, treats and accessories required!

As with most things in modern life, printed bags play a big part. Whether it is for poop scooping, filled with pills and potions from the vets or crammed with new toys from the local pet shop. Here’s some of our favourite pet bags we have made recently!



Vets printed bagPrinted plastic bagEquine printed plastic bagsPrinted paper bag, paper bag manufacturer UK











On a more serious note, bags can be extremely harmful to both pets and wild animals.  All of our bags are full recyclable and it’s so easy to do! Most supermarkets now offer a bag recycling scheme and paper bags can be popped in your recycling bin at home. Our plastic bags have a biodegradable additive to help them degrade faster in landfill sites. Our plastic carrier bags have the option of coming with safety perforations in the bottom to prevent animals and children from suffocating in them. Many companies are also choosing to pick paper bags over polythene as they are a lot less harmful to animals (but not so good at being reused as a poop scoop)!

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