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How’s the New Year’s Resolution going? Was it to lose the “winter warmth layer”, shed a few pounds to fit back into your summer wardrobe, get fit or get in shape for the beach? It’s the time of year when people start to think about getting off the sofa and out into the fresh spring air. Fitness carrier bags sport carrier bags duffle bags

So, what do you need? Just watch the adverts on telly for an idea. Trainers! And not just any trainers, you need to look like a pro if you’re hitting the gym for the first time in a while. Outfit! Same rules apply as above. “Sweating like a pig, feeling like a fox” or however that ad goes. No matter how you look when you’re done, strutting out into the gym looking like a catwalk model is essential. Gym membership! So you’ve got the outfit and all the best intentions, now you need somewhere to go. Same applies to swimming pools. Or the cheaper option (for those less willing to commit quite so much cash), is the local running track AKA the park. Diet! It’s no good going to the gym if you go home and have a takeaway, you know that “it doesn’t matter because I’ve just burnt off those calories” is a pretty rubbish excuse. Now where do custom printed carrier bags fit into this, I hear you thinking. Well. Shops for a start, but that’s a given. Gyms, a little more tricky but they are big fans of bags, especially when they are having a membership drive. “Join our gym and you will get a free snack bar in our lovely carrier bag”, great thanks, just what I needed. If you’re lucky you may even get a duffle bag on joining, so you can put all your gym kit in it and use it every time you go. If you’re not that fortunate I’m sure you have a supermarket bag in the back of the cupboard that would do the trick. Diet. Online diet companies who swear they have tricks to help you slim down and treats you can eat “even when dieting”, are also into their sales drives. Free samples anyone?! And once you are suckered in, your lovely diet pills/ powdered food/ liquid calories may even be sent to you in a branded mailing bag. Race Day! If you’ve set the goal of being fit enough to do the local fun run, marathon or assault course make sure you pick one with good goody bags (and we’re not just talking about our lovely bags that they use) but what’s inside of them! What’s the point of getting a bag full of promotional leaflets when you COULD get a water bottle, gift vouchers, or even a t-shirt! And for those of us who fall of the wagon almost before we’ve gotten on to it, takeaways arrive in bags (as do cakes from the supermarket, pyjamas from Amazon and a nice bottles of full fat wine…).

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