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Dreaming of Summer

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Whether to some tropical island in the middle of the Pacific, caravanning to Cornwall or a weekend away at a holiday park, with the temperatures dropping and summer seemingly nowhere in sight we are all starting to think about escaping to the sunshine. And, surprisingly, custom printed carrier bags have a bigger part in your holiday than you might think! Burgass carrier bags custom printed paper bags and printed polythene bags for travel companies

If you pop into your local travel agent you are guaranteed to leave with a bunch of brochures, and probably a nice shiny bag to put them in. Tropical destinations usually require a scary course of injections and sometimes pills to take whilst you’re away, and of course your travel clinic will have a nice bag to give them to you in. At the airport, all your duty free or last minute holiday essentials will all be popped into a trusty carrier bag. Airlines too, kids activity packs for long plane rides, any memorabilia they have for sale (everyone wants a mini model of the aircraft, or a teddy bear in an aviation outfit) will all be packaged up in a nice little branded bag.

And don’t just think it’s the jetsetters who get the holiday bag treatment! Caravan clubs and holiday parks have their fair share of bags too, not only have some of them jumped on the promotion band wagon by attending holiday and travel fairs throughout the UK, but I can almost guarantee that every park with an onsite shop will have carrier bags.

A good quality bag is not only appreciated as it doesn’t break the second it leaves the shop, but it can also be reused for so many purposes. Just think of everyone who has ever gone on holiday, every single one of them at some point would have needed something to put a picnic in, a beach bag (or at least something to put wet swimmers in on the way home), somewhere to put their dirty washing, had a dog which had an accident (or a baby for that matter), needed something in an emergency for car sickness. They may even make it further and be taken home to be used for packed lunches, PE kits, document holders, office cake day transporters. The list really is endless!

You might think a holiday is the last place you would expect to see a custom printed Burgass bag, but like photos from a drunken holiday you’d rather forget, they seem to pop up everywhere!


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