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Spring has Sprung….but how Green are we?

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Grass_nice Here at Burgass we are committed to carrier bag recycling and reducing the environmental impact of our business and  recognise the importance of manufacturing responsibly. Our efforts ensure that less waste is sent to landfill, less oil is used for plastic production and there is less dependency on natural polythene.

We recycle over 100 tonnes  of polythene and 50 tonnes of paper every year and buy 12 tonnes of recycled polythene every month.

We’ve recently teamed up with local company, Acorn Recyclers Acorn takes our waste paper and polythene and we are pleased to see that 99.9% of everything we send is recycled. Our waste polythene is sorted and any contamination is removed before being baled, ready for processing.  The process involves turning the film into pellets, which when blended with virgin pellets produces a number of useful products, including sheeting and refuse sacks. We’re also able to recycle our paper reel ends.  They are cut open with an industrial guillotine, to remove the core, and the paper is then baled. This paper is then shipped to paper mills and pulped, to make new paper and paper products.

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If you would like more  information about our recycling processes or our carrier bags, paper and polythene, please email or talk to our team on 01159 431775.


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