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January: Meet Reg!

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This month we thought we would introduce you to one of the guys who helps to make the bags down in our factory. Unfortunately he is a bit camera shy and sneaking around with the camera has only lead to a few blurry images and the threat of being put through the printing machine if I don’t stop! So instead we have a picture of his printer “Carraro”. Reg has been with the company for years and is a vital part of the team, ensuring the bags are printed neatly and correctly. Since he found out he would be the star of the team for January, He has been walking around with his chest puffed out!


Name: Reg

Nickname: Trig

Funny habit: Snoring? Although Pauline finds it annoying

Unique skill: Gardening? I don’t really have one…

Guilty Crush: Blondie (Debbie Harry)

Favourite holiday destination: Tenerife

Favourite movie: Red and Red 2

Favourite Tipple: Jack Daniels

Your biggest waste of time: Sleeping

Your Phone Background: Tiger (our horse)

What you’d like to be when you grow up: Formula 1 driver

Plans for the New Year: Holidays

Role in making your bags: Printer

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